Joseph Caleb Courthouse, Miami, Florida.
The Joseph Caleb Courthouse Annex is a new two story 28,500 s.f. courthouse building which will handle civil and traffic-related cases for the north-central Miami-Dade County area. The building is designed to be LEED Silver certified.

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Master Plan for the Expansion of Courtrooms and Administrative Facilities, Miami-Dade County, Florida.
The overall purposes of the Master Plan are: to define the 20 year space needs of the courts; to identify crucial court facility projects necessary to meet the expected space needs; to identify an appropriate implementation plan for those facilities and finally, to estimate the order of magnitude of expected costs associated with the facility requirements and implementation plan.
Charlotte County Justice Center, Punta Gorda, Florida.
A new 5 story, 162,500 square foot courthouse. The facility contains space for the judiciary, court administration, clerk of courts, state attorney, public defender and units of the sheriff's department. A total of nine courtrooms of various sizes are located in the upper two floors. One courtroom has been provided with state-of-the-art evidence display equipment. (Spillis Candela & Partners)

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Michigan Supreme Court, Lansing, Michigan.
The new 270,000 SF Hall of Justice Building is sited in the Capital Mall on axis with the historic state Capitol Building. The project consists of the courtroom of the Supreme Court, Supreme Court Justice Chambers, one Appellate Courtroom, Appellate Court Judges Chambers, Clerk of Courts and Courts Administration. Professional services include master planning, schematic design, construction documentation, and construction administration. Value engineering is an integral part of the process. A 460-car underground parking structure is included in the design. (Spillis Candela & Partners)

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City of Sunrise Fire Station No. 59, Sunrise, Florida.
This 16,000 SF facility includes an apparatus bay for three fire truck vehicles, eight dormitories for personnel, Ready Room, Dining and Kitchen, Watch Office, Turnout Shift area, and supporting administrative spaces. The building also houses an Emergency Operations Center hardened for hurricane force winds and incorporating emergency communication systems. (Spillis Candela & Partners)

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City of Sunrise, City Hall Annex, Police Substation and Fire Rescue No. 39 and 83, Sunrise, Florida.
These twin 21,570 SF facilities each consist of 7,890 SF of City Hall Annex with a 150 seat Town Hall/ multipurpose space. In conjunction with the Town Hall, the building program contains a city services counter and a mini-police station. The Fire Rescue program contains 9,830 SF of active area in the first level and 3,850 SF of area in the second level dormitory areas. The design establishes coexistence between the more public civic program of the City Hall Annex and the more utilitarian nature of the Fire Rescue facility. (Spillis Candela & Partners)

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Building 5/5A and Warehouse Building 2121, Miami International Airport.
Design and construction documents for over seven acres of roof renovations to existing buildings.